Hussain Sajwani, the Icon To Real Estate Developers

Hussain Sajwani is a citizen of the United Arab Emirates and was born in 1953. He takes pride in being the founder and Chairman of a global property development company, DAMAC Properties. If you have an interest in real estate endeavors with a dream so big, then the name Sajwani should light a bulb in your mind. Currently, the father of four is closing multi-million deals internationally.

Hussain as a Titan in Business

DAMAC Company was founded by Hussain Sajwani in 2002 and has their headquarters in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It engages in the development of residential, relaxation, and industrial properties in Dubai and Middle East.

DAMAC Properties also invests in real estate projects in other countries outside Middle East. Hussain is the C.E.O of DAMAC, and under his leadership, the company has outshone others.

Sajwani and Trump; Birds of a Feather

So goes the sage, birds of a feather flock together. The president of America is a titan in the real estate community. That’s why billionaire developer Hussain Sajwani is hoping to enhance his business relationship with Donald Trump’s real estate firm, the Trump Organization.

The two real estate moguls who celebrated New Year’s Eve together have already collaborated on the Trump International Golf Club. Learn more about Hussain Sajwani Family:

Possible Impossibilities

In response to concerns raised concerning potential conflicts of interest, Trump has pledged to desist from closing any new entrepreneurial deals while in office. Instead, since the fruit does not fall from the tree, Hussain Sajwani says Trump’s children are equally involved.

In fact, they should not experience issues in expanding, growing and maintaining their business relation because they are experienced. Hussain also stated that they are very much informed and hence protective of their brand. Trump’s daughter, Ivanka and Hussain’s wife, are good friends, enough to visit each other.

DAMAC Properties Philanthropic Causes

DAMAC Properties Chairman, Hussain Sajwani, handed over a check of AED two million to operations meant to dress a million impoverished children around the world.

Mr. Hussain Sajwani contributed as part of the firm’s continued patronage to the Dubai government’s efforts to improve the standard of living across the globe. With time DAMAC Properties will be the real estate company to look out for lucrative global deals.

George Soros: Real Life Rags to Riches

George Soros started his auspicious career as a young man fleeing communist Hungary. He came to London, where he put himself through the School of Economics, working and studying at the same time. After that, he came to New York, where he founded his hedge fund now known at the Quantum Fund. His current wealth is in the area of $25 billion, but through all of that, he never has forgotten the roots in poverty and oppression from whence he came.

Soros has donated billions of dollars to both charitable and political causes, making him one of the most active philanthropists in the world. Many of those causes tie directly to his experiences as a young, Hungarian Jew. First, he witnessed NAZI occupation as a teenager and then the tyranny of Soviet communism. Those events have remained with him, and they have helped to forma world view that resonates as much in his actions as in his words.

Some of his first philanthropic ventures were to provide educational scholarships to black South Africans during the years of Apartheid. As a young Jewish man under NAZI occupation, he learned about what it was like to be considered a second class citizen – to be considered less than others because of your birth. He found a way to express his morality through putting money where his mouth was, and Soros has never looked back. Know more on about George Soros.

His family has donated more than $12 billion over the decades since those first scholarships. He has fought for LGBT rights, social justice, and economic fairness. He has also given money to political groups that align with him on these key values.

One of the more controversial would be his support of a “Right to Die with Dignity”, a cause at the forefront of social understanding. He experienced difficulties with watching his mother slowly pass away in pain from illness. Soros has spoken about facing hard choices at the time.

Another of his recent causes has been to fight for marijuana legalization. George Soros has a multitude of reasons for getting involved in this battle. First, he recognizes the social justice implications of no longer putting people in jail for cannabis, especially in how it impacts communities of color. Second, he argues for the much needed revenue in national, state, and municipal coffers that would be provided by taxing it. And third, he is a businessman who sees the tremendous economic benefits of a new, legal market for marijuana.

For a young man who looked NAZI occupiers in the eye, fear of picketing conservatives likely seems trite. Know more about George Soros on CNBC.

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The History of Brian Bonar’s Climb to the Top

Currently the CEO of Trucept, Brian Bonar has excelled in finances for over three decades. He has amassed an astounding amount of knowledge since he first began and used this to lead companies to their pinnacle.

His career in finance started when he earned his degree from the University of Strathclyde. He then earned his graduate degree as well as a doctorate from Stafford University. Between late 1992 and early 1994, Mr. Bonar performed as the Director of Technology Sales. He earned several promotions as a result of his work ethic and desire to climb the ranks of the financial field.

In April of 1994, Mr. Bonar became the Vice President of Dalrada’s Sales and Marketing team. Shortly after, he became the Executive Vice President. He was then the Director of the company until 1997. He then became President and COO. In 1998, he took over the position of CEO, followed by becoming named the Chairman of the Board in 1999.

He has not been limited to simply working for Dalrada, however. In addition to his CEO position, Mr. Bonar is also the Chairman of Trucept. He has held this position since 2010. He has also moved up ranks of Amanda Co., Inc. He started as the Secretary, moved up to Treasurer, became the CFO, and is currently the acting CEO. He has also worked for Allegiant Professional Business Services, Rastek, QMS, Greenland Corp., and The Solvis Group.

Success of Bellamy Restaurant

Mr. Bonar’s success has not been limited to the financial world. He is also the owner of the restaurant Bellamy. This French restaurant features a French atmosphere. He wanted his restaurant to be unique among the masses of restaurants in the region.

The restaurant is highly recommended in the San Diego area as a result. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

Part of his success has been due to his chef, Patrick Ponsaty. This world-renowned chef is a native of France. He has a rare ability to make delicious French food that is highly demanded in the area.

According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar’s success with Bellamy is not due to his management at the restaurant. He gave Mr. Ponsaty full control of the day-to-day operations, allowing the chef to run the restaurant in his own ways.

As a result of this action, Brian Bonar has shared in Patrick Ponsaty’s success by simply stepping away from the everyday management. With his management of several restaurants, Mr. Bonar understands what it takes to make a restaurant successful.

Brian Bonar understands that there are very few differences between average restaurants and high-quality restaurants. With the same desire he has in the business world, he has built a collection of high-quality restaurants. He does not settle for second best, and his history of success shows this desire to be the best at whatever he does.

What Happened When Emily Tried WEN Cleansing Conditioner

If you’ve seen the commercials or Facebook ads about WEN cleansing Conditioner and have had your doubts, then read on to find out what happened to Emily McClure when she used WEN Cleansing Conditioner for a week as originally published by Bustle.

On day one, Emily has frizzy and unruly hair to begin with, but after using Wen hair Cleansing Conditioner, she found that her hair felt not only thicker, but was more manageable and shiny. On day two, Emily felt that her roots were greasier and she didn’t have time to shower. But after showering after in the day, her hair was once again voluminous and shiny.

On day three, her hair looked great once again after showering and using her usual styling products. On day four, Emily’s hair was frizzy and greasy, as she didn’t have time to shower. On day five, Emily had a great hair day after showering and styling as usual. On day six, her friends even noticed that her hair was looking much shinier. On day seven, after doing her routine of showering and styling, her hair was once again looking great, although her curls tended to fall more easily.

Overall, WEN Cleansing Conditioner is great products that will make your hair feel more manageable, but you do need to wash it regularly.

WEN cleansing Conditioner was developed by Chaz Dean, a well-known stylist that is passionate about hair. Chaz Dean has a clientele list that includes celebrities and he is very humble, although he is very successful. His eBay sold WEN products are giving people all over the world the opportunity to get the hair that they have always wanted. Chaz Dean styles hair for award and fashion shows and is always working on new “miracle” products to help pope get the hair they want.

MB2 Dental Helps You Run Your Day-To-Day Dental Practice Operations

Most dentists have tried to run their dental practice and at the same time provide services to their clients, but this business model brings with it a lot of challenges. Running your dental practice is a tall order. You will be required to serve in almost every role at the clinic. You will be the accountant, at the same time the human resource manager and at the same time the director of operations. Isn’t all that daunting?

Dentists have discovered a way through this challenge. Such challenges require strategic partnerships with other service providers to achieve a common goal. An example of a reliable partner in setting up your dental practice is the team at MB2 Dental.

MB2 Dental is a company that focuses on separating the daily business operations such accounting and human resource from your dental practice. The firm worries about all your day-to-day activities while you as the dentist focuses on the core part of your business which is giving service to customers.

The firm is the brainchild of Dr. Stephen Chris Villanueva. He experienced the challenges that are associated with dental practice firsthand and decided to provide a solution to fellow dentists. The company focuses on providing solutions that support a business so that dentists can only worry about their clients and research.

MB2 Dental is an all-in-one business to business company that provides the following services to dentists:

Human Resource Management

Dentists cannot work in isolation; they require support staff such as secretaries, personal assistants, and lab technicians. MB2 Dental ensures that these employees are managed properly for the smooth running of your dental practice.

The firm also helps dentists identify and recruit supporting staff who will contribute to moving the dental practice forward, providing them with necessary tools and training that ensures they work efficiently.

Marketing Services

Without marketing, no one would know that you have your dental practice. MB2 Solutions will help create ads on different platforms so that you can attract the much-needed clientele to the practice.

Procurement Services

Dentists require specialized pharmaceuticals and non-pharmaceuticals to help them run their practice. More often than not they do not have the time to go and look for the best of these items that are in the market. With a vast network of manufacturers, MB2 Solutions can provide dentists with all the tools they need for their work.

Accounting Services

MB2 Solutions handles bookkeeping and filing of returns for dentists.