The Trabuco Survived Time And Made Its Way Into Physics Class

Trabucos managed to uphold their popularity as a war machine throughout the Middle Ages. Trabucos were mainly used for surrounding and sieging enemy or rebel cities. It was mainly used for smashing city walls by throwing large rocks as well as other kinds of projectiles. The Trabuco was also called the Trebuchet, in France and other parts of Europe. The Trabuco differs from the traditional catapult because of its revolutionary counterweight, which provides greater thrust, and for this reason, it can throw much bigger and heavier projectiles than a traditional catapult of like-size would be able to.

The counterweight Trabuco became a frequently used weapon in both Christian and Muslim countries in the Mediterranean Sea area. Due to the fact that it was able to throw heavy rocks at enemies castles and fortifications up to 800 meters away with surprising accuracy. A great number of historical records document the use of diseased cadavers as Trabuco projectiles that were tossed over enemy walls, which could very well be the first record of biological warfare. Many historians believe that the Trabuco was invented around 400 BC in China. Europe adopted the Trabuco as a weapon around 600 AC according to The Trabuco remained as the most powerful weapon in the world until the advent of gunpowder, which produced much more powerful weapons that were much lighter and easier to use, thus making the Trabuco obsolete as gunpowder weapons took over.


Originally, Trabucos could only be armed by pulling them backward with the use of several ropes that trained soldiers would pull back as a group. With time, the counterweight Trabuco became the dominant war machine of the middle ages. The counterweight Trabuco’s inventor is unknown based on Model-sized Trabucos are essential in physics classes in order to demonstrate how the physical principles of potential energy becoming kinetic energy.

There are recent historical records that suggest that Trabucos were used to attack the Burgos near the end of the 15th century. Yet in the 16th century, Trabucos were once again used as a plan B weapon to defeat the Aztecs in a confrontation when Hernán Cortés ran out of gunpowder. The last record of a Trabuco that was built for war, was when a group of British forces built one to aid their cannons while they were defending the Gibraltar straight against the Spanish in 1779.

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Hussain Sajwani, the King of Real Estate

Hussain Sajwani is a well-known property developer. He is the chair of DAMAC properties, which is a real estate company. He was born to a businessman who had a shop where he sold watches, and his hard work at school saw him become one of the few people from his country back in 1952, the Middle East, to study in the US. In America, he studied at the University of Washington taking up a course in Engineering and Economics. Learn more:


In 1981, the DAMAC owner, Sajwani began the journey to his career. He secured a position in the finance department at Abu Dhabi Gas industries. After working here for two years, he started a catering business which is now known as Global Logistics Services, and his most frequent clients included the military of America and Bechtel. 21 years later, that is, 2002, Sajwani founded DAMAC properties, which is one of the most prominent real estate organization in the Middle East.


Until the company’s inception to now, it has done a lot in the market. For instance, it has 19000 apartments and 44,000 units. Also, its great works have seen the company being listed on the Dubai Financial Market. Sajwani is a father of four and married to one wife.


The Hussain Sajwani family has worked in liaison with other business ventures. For instance, they have apartments that are made with the interior design skills of Fendi and Versace, some villas that are styled with Bugatti, Paramount Hotels and Resorts, golf courses among others. Before Donald Trump became president, he had business with this entrepreneur in that Sajwani branded him two golf courses.


The company is a real estate firm located in Dubai. Considering the high population in Dubai, it gives a good room for their business in that lots of people are involved in construction. The company is not only useful in the Middle East but also other countries like Qatar and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Sajwani being a man of pure heart, he does not just keep all his wealth to himself. He frequently gives donations to programs that are dedicated to taking care of children. Also, he provides financial aid for refugees from areas like Lebanon that have been affected by Huda.