Plan Your Party With a Level Head

Planning an event requires a lot of effort, patience, and know-how. It is important to stay organized and calm as there are many details that require attention and you don’t want to forget anything. It can be helpful to keep a running list or lists in order to keep track of everything. Don’t forget to have fun with it.


Pick a theme and stick with it. There are countless themes to go for and many decorations and place settings that will compliment them. You should also coordinate your invited to your theme so that your guest will know what the mood of your party will be. Specify what the type of dress will be expected and be sure to include an RSVP on your invites so that you will know how many people to plan for.


Keep your party simple yet elegant. In most cases, less is more, and a little goes a long way. Have appetizers and a self-serve bar. Have a kids table for young guests and be sure to include activities for a younger audience so that the adults can mingle and have a good time too.


Keep settings simple and not too “messy.” Again, this is where the “less is more” rule applies. Have your table settings match your theme without going overboard.


Be sure not to send guests away empty handed and have favors ready for when guests leave. A favor is a great way to tell your guests that you are glad they attended your event and it takes care of having to send out thank you cards.


Twenty Three Layers is an event planning company NYC that offers not only professional event planning but catering, floral design, photography, lighting, custom printing, and branding. They have access to vendors and locations that are sought-after, and they are experienced and creative. If you want your party to have that little bit of extra pizazz, then Twenty Three Layers brings a lot to the table. They are the go-to corporate event planners NYC as well as event planners for any type of gala, party, or get-together.

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Dr. Saad Saad: The Pediatric Surgeon Now Focusing On Research

Dr. SaadSaad may be retired now, but his influence on the medical profession continues to carry on. He has spent the past forty-seven years working as a pediatric surgeon and has served at some of the most notable institutions in the entire country. Having lived in several parts of the world and also having offered care to thousands of children, his career and life story is interesting and inspiring.



One of the principles that Dr. Saad lives by is never settling for anything less than the success that you want for yourself. Growing up in a high achieving family, Dr. Saad learned a number of valuable life lessons very early on and implemented them in a brilliant way through the course of his career. He knew that there was no other way to achieve success other than hard work and dedication to your job and field, which is exactly how he lived out the years he spent offering surgeries to children.



The early days of Dr. Saad’s life were by no means easy. During the 1940s, Dr. Saad was living in Palestine with his family when the country was undergoing a number of remarkable changes. During this time, Israel was recognized as a sovereign state, and this resulted in many people from Palestine having to uproot their lives and move to a different place. One day, Dr. Saad was living contently with his family, and the next, they were being forced to relocate to a new place. Dr. Saad’s father, being a professional in the petroleum engineering sector decided that Kuwait would be an excellent place to move to since his skills were high in demand there. This is where Dr. Saad spent most of his childhood and school life.



After completing his school, Dr. Saad decided to once again move to a different country to study medicine. He saw the University of Cairo as a viable option which prompted him to move there. Shortly after completing his medical course, he decided to move once again, this time, to London. He did this with the prospect of completing a residency program there and decided that it would be a good route for him to take. After completing his program, he once again moved for the final time, to the United States, which is where he has been living ever since.



In addition to working at some of the most prestigious institutions in the entire country, Dr. SaadSaad has also been offering his services to children who are in need of medical treatments. He regularly travels all over the world to provide his surgical expertise to children who cannot afford treatments for the life-threatening conditions that they have been diagnosed with.



After retiring, much of Dr. Saad’s focus has shifted to research. He possesses two patents for surgical procedures that he developed. These surgical techniques are now being used by pediatric surgeons all over the world to treat patients who have been diagnosed with rare and life-threatening diseases. Learn more:


Sussex Healthcare Jobs Caring For The Elderly

Since 1985, Sussex Healthcare Jobs is a company dedicated to helping patients and training professional staff to meet the needs of healthcare system. Their headquarters are located in Warham, England. They have multiple and convenient locations.

They offer many different services, such as elderly homes, dementia care, neurological care, Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities and the job listing for medical professionals. In December 2017, Sussex Healthcare appointed a new CEO, Amanda-Morgan Taylor. The company has a website, where customers and aspiring medical professionals can contact Sussex Healthcare through email or their phone number. Sussex offers many recreational activities such as game rooms and a gym. They offer living arrangements for patients to live near their facilities. Sussex Healthcare received accreditation in Health Quality service in 2002 and Investors in People Standard in 2003. As well, it is the only United Kingdom healthcare service to had dual accreditation in Health Quality Service and the international stand, ISO 9000:2000. One of the services, provide by this company, is working in their elderly homes.

Sussex Healthcare knows that picking the right elderly home is a tough decision. They own many different buildings that are nursing homes such as the Forest Lodge and Longfield Manor and Rapkyns Care Centre. These homes have beautiful scenery, open lounge spaces, large dining room and large rooms for the comfort of their patients. Also,Sussex Healthcare offers single rooms for dementia patients. They are dedicated to make a safe and comfortable environments for older people to live. Customers’ families can have the peace of mind, knowing that their loved one is being taken care by trained nurses and other specialists. They offer patients many different recreational activities such as handicrafts, quizzes, reminiscence sessions, music and movement, cookery and art therapy. Their experienced staff offers many different therapies such as physiotherapy, reflexology and occupational therapy. These dedicated staff member are available 24 hours, 7 days a week. They understand that nutrition is a very important of taking care of someone. They have experienced chefs who prepare all the meals at their facilities. Sussex Healthcare’s chefs only uses fresh ingredients to prepare their meals. They understand that certain patients have special dietary needs so special meal can be requested. These elderly care homes offer staff position for nurses and medical specialists. Sussex Healthcare is dedicated to offering the best possible experience for their patients to live a comfortable life in their elderly home facilities.


Lime Crime and the Creator, Doe Deere

Doe Deere is a creative Entrepreneur with a love and passion for makeup and fantasies. She is known as the famous “Unicorn Queen” of the makeup industry. She created a unique makeup line that millions of customers all over the world has fallen in love with. Her makeup brand is called “Lime Crime ” and has around since 2008. Lime Crime features several unique products that are guaranteed to love such as glittery lip gloss, loose pigments, eye shadow pallets, matte lipstick, nail polish, chrome lipstick, liquid colored liners, highlighter, colorful makeup brushes, semi permanent hair dye, and more.


Doe launched Lime Crime in 2008, and was the first female entrepreneur to launch a successful online business in that year. To promote her unique products, she created some makeup tutorials and in them she used her own makeup. She also did surprise giveaways and added it all to her blog. By 2009, her business was really booming and the rest was history.


She hasn’t always sold he own makeup, but she has always had a drive to be an entrepreneur. At the young age of thirteen, she went around her town selling semi permanent tattoos to people. Doe was actually born in Russia, but she decided to move to New York at a young age. She wanted to pursue a career in fashion and design. She also joined a band, which is where she met her husband. Then, she created her own clothing line, and sold her products on eBay. She called her clothing line “Lime Crime.” As she created her clothing, she desired to have bold colored makeup to match her clothing, but she could never find any, so he decided to test the waters and create her own.


In creating her own makeup, she found a love and passion for doing so, and she wouldn’t stop there. She took the two thing she loved, which were fantasies and makeup, and she created something unique. People fell in love with the unique and vibrant colored makeup and Lime Crime now has over three million followers on Instagram.


Doe takes her work and customers seriously. She tests out all of her products before launching them, and if she wouldn’t wear them, then she will not launch them. In the near future, she plans on pursuing more dreams and fantasies and creating more products that will make everyone happy.


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The Rebirth Of Fagali’i Airport

Fagali’i Airport based in Samoa is back to business having international flights going to Pago Pago resumed. Fagali’i airport located near Apia, and currently, it only serves Polynesian Flights. The airport has undergone significant changes in the period having modern technology integrated into the airport to provide better services to travelers. Currently, it is ready to be operational having increased its capacity.
Brent Schwenke, the general manager of Polynesian Airlines the only operational airlines stated the launch of the airport would see the attendance of principal government officials and the Polynesian representatives according to Flights, especially on Friday, have already filled up and the airport is ready to serve the public. There are already thirty flights that have been scheduled to go to Pago Pago for only three days.
The Fagali’i Airport is mostly in use for daytime travel, but if there were need of night travel, the Faleolo International Airport would be used as it is only a 45-minute drive. Fagali’i airport was popular with travelers due to the proximity to Apia.

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The month of July has seen Polynesian offer less than 129 US dollars per trip which is to and from Fagali’i airport. The Samoa Airport Authority gave the green light to operations of the airport after it Fagali’i passed the quality of service and safety inspection. Only the Polynesian Airlines would be functional at the airport after the reopening service giving advantaged to the government-owned airlines over the privately owned airlines based in Samoa, South Pacific Express and Inter-Island Airways which will continue to use Faleolo airport according to
Travelers customarily are stressed out when they are getting to an airport. Therefore, it is essential to prepare for getting to an airport. When traveling to Fagali’i airport their many options that one can get to the airport. One has the possibility of getting a cab, getting a friend to drive one to the airport or one can also drive themselves to the airport without having a fear of the safety of the vehicle. Fagali’i Airport has long-term parking option that a traveler can trust their car to be kept safe as they travel.

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