The Rebirth Of Fagali’i Airport

Fagali’i Airport based in Samoa is back to business having international flights going to Pago Pago resumed. Fagali’i airport located near Apia, and currently, it only serves Polynesian Flights. The airport has undergone significant changes in the period having modern technology integrated into the airport to provide better services to travelers. Currently, it is ready to be operational having increased its capacity.
Brent Schwenke, the general manager of Polynesian Airlines the only operational airlines stated the launch of the airport would see the attendance of principal government officials and the Polynesian representatives according to Flights, especially on Friday, have already filled up and the airport is ready to serve the public. There are already thirty flights that have been scheduled to go to Pago Pago for only three days.
The Fagali’i Airport is mostly in use for daytime travel, but if there were need of night travel, the Faleolo International Airport would be used as it is only a 45-minute drive. Fagali’i airport was popular with travelers due to the proximity to Apia.

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The month of July has seen Polynesian offer less than 129 US dollars per trip which is to and from Fagali’i airport. The Samoa Airport Authority gave the green light to operations of the airport after it Fagali’i passed the quality of service and safety inspection. Only the Polynesian Airlines would be functional at the airport after the reopening service giving advantaged to the government-owned airlines over the privately owned airlines based in Samoa, South Pacific Express and Inter-Island Airways which will continue to use Faleolo airport according to
Travelers customarily are stressed out when they are getting to an airport. Therefore, it is essential to prepare for getting to an airport. When traveling to Fagali’i airport their many options that one can get to the airport. One has the possibility of getting a cab, getting a friend to drive one to the airport or one can also drive themselves to the airport without having a fear of the safety of the vehicle. Fagali’i Airport has long-term parking option that a traveler can trust their car to be kept safe as they travel.

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