20 Million dollars line of credit extended by the Fortress Investment Group promises to rejuvenate ipass

The Fortress Investment Group is an asset management group that has been known for making a number of formidable investments in diverse sectors. They employ a technique that enables them to take on opportunities that may seem far-fetched or utterly different from each other, but this is what enabled the group to return 39 percent in their five years of existence even at a time when others seemed to be lagging. They had begun operations in 1998 and had managed to grow their portfolio of assets under management from 400 million to 3 billion dollars within that time. This meant that they became one of the most analyzed and followed private investment groups. They were making investments guided by their ability to finance them, and this was the time they realized a need to establish a credit division that would help them grow their portfolio using credit lines rather than relying only on private equity. The three founding partners brought Peter Briger from Goldman Sachs to help nurture this new division. His input would be critical given his experience in the same at Goldman one of the biggest banks in the country. His impact would be immediately felt as he moved quickly to grow San Francisco headquartered division into one capable of doing deals worth more than a hundred billion dollars to date. The department has also been very instrumental whenever the Fortress Investment Group has done a round of funding such as the one done in 2017 which raised 2.9 billion.

Fortress Investment Group recently invested twenty million in ipass. Ipass is considered the largest Wi-Fi provide in the country and on the globe given its more 340 million hotspots spread across the globe. This investment would see Fortress advance the loan to ipass and assets held by the company would secure it. The smartconnect technology was especially critical to this deal. This investment would be given in batches with the initial 10 million dollars available from the word go. This would help ipass grow and continue growing its presence across the globe. The Fortress Investment Group is confident that the deal will pay off even before its due.

Clayton Hutson Continues To Make Kid Rock’s Live Shows A Fun Time For Everyone

Kid Rock is about to get back out on the road again and treat fans with his “Red Blooded Rock N’ Roll Redneck Extravaganza Tour.” This tour will be special because Kid Rock has hired on some extra help, and one of these people is his new production manager Clayton Hutson. This isn’t the first time that Hutson has worked with Kid Rock; he served as his stage manager during “The American Rock N’ Roll Tour,” and was credited for helping the tour to succeed as much as it did. Hutson was asked how he overcame some of the challenges that came up during the tour, and he answered that drew on his prior experiences to do so.


Clayton Hutson is excited to be able to get to work with his team on the next Kid Rock tour. Kid Rick’s musical shows are known to be a lot of fun and full of surprises for audience members. He expects to improve the show with visual effects and pyrotechnics and will be relying on the people who work with him to bring it all together. A crew has to be able to work together and live together as they travel around the country, and Hutson has no worries about his team doing just that. He also worked with Ton McGraw and Faith Hill recently during their “Soul2Soul Tour,” and continues to be a highly sought-after production manager and stage manager.


Clayton Hutson has been involved with the music industry in one way or another for many years and is happy to be able to serve in an industry he is passionate about. He calls Nashville, Tennessee his home and chose to live there because it is one of the best areas to live in as a professional in the music industry. He started up Ronin Event Creative to consolidate all of his services under one roof, and he spends a lot of his extra time marketing his company and expanding it. Today, he has to do much less marketing than in the past due to the fact that word of mouth has been getting him plenty of clients. Artists and musicians who have chosen to hire Clayton Hutson have been happy with their decision. His varied experience in dealing with music events and live shows has contributed to the well-rounded services he offers today. When musicians hire Hutson, they know what they are getting, and that’s not something everyone in this industry can say.

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All About Betsy Devos

Have you noticed that Betsy DeVos has been doing a lot of interviews lately? She doesn’t seem to be afraid of anything. The first female US Education Secretary has polarized America with her views on education reform, but it’s nothing new. Education reform in America has been a hot topic since the 1980s, which the Reagan Administration published a report on the poor state of public schools.


That trend has continued to now. Many public schools are failing, and even though Common Core and standardized testing has been shown to improve scores, most parents and students are still looking for other options. This is why educational choice has become such a hot topic as well.


DeVos said in a recent interview with “60 Minutes” and Leslie Stahl that she didn’t believe that standardized testing and Common Core Math were the answer to the problems that public curriculum is facing. In fact, she believes that it is an issue with teachers and training that has led to students becoming less and less interested in going to school. Many students are choosing to go with virtual schools and homeschooling, because they are allowed the freedom to learn subjects that they want to learn as well as the core skills that are required by state.


There are also many options with educational choice that are not discussed. Many focus on the private and charter school options, but students can also choose to go into a magnet program at another public school if they wish. Private and charter schools do require vouchers, which has been a contentious point for those who criticize DeVos. However, as she points out, many of the donors and support for these programs doesn’t come from public funding but from philanthropy. Her major supports include Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Sam Walton.


However, the largest donor to the educational choice movement is the DeVos Family Foundation, which has donated considerably to the charter school movement. While DeVos says that it will still take time to see how these programs are successful, she points to Florida as the most successful state so far. The state has embraced educational choice completely, providing the most options for students. Florida also has a tuition-based scholarship program to support students who want to go to a private school.


Other states are following suit and adding more educational choice options, such as Louisiana and Georgia. DeVos wants to have more states join, but she is also facing other issues with school safety. Much of her focus has been switched over to protecting students and saving schools from gun violence. She has been working with legislators to change how school safety is approached and looking at other ways to protect students. As questions rise over whether teachers will hold guns, Betsy states that it is not the best option but that legislatures are looking at every angle.


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