Vijay Eswaran Preaches The Importance Of Taking Risk

Vijay Eswaran preaches the importance of taking risk very early in a working career. Most who enter the workforce after school are comfortable with making conservative decisions about the future. It is normal to play it safe and look for a secure job that will bring in money right away. However, the job market is frequently changing. Technology affects every aspect of business. This changes the requirements of personnel on a daily basis.

Vijay Eswaran understands that people who are new to the workforce need to gain experience in that field. However, he believes that anyone can gain experience and contribute to the industry by creating jobs at the same time. Job Seekers have the ability to be versatile and find the right situation. A major decisions is whether to work for a startup establishment or a large corporate organization. It takes careful study in order to find the right dynamic. The employee and employer are both looking for the perfect match.

Startup companies have advantages that large corporations do not and vice versa. New job seekers must evaluate each situation. For example, a startup company is growing very quickly. It is customary for someone to come in and fill a position that has a great deal of responsibility. A smaller company will allow its executives more freedom and expect them to be very hands-on with each task. There is very little room for delegating because the operation is not big enough. The culture of a large organization will be very different. There will be set of policies in place and the job responsibilities will be very specific.

It is essential for new crafts-people and executives to buy into the vision of a small organization if they decide to go in that direction. Vijay explains that this fast-paced climate provides the opportunity to have a strong impact on a team because of the rapid growth rate.

Vijay Eswaran is the Chairman of QI Group. He is a Malaysian businessman who came from a working-class environment. His father was a member of the Ministry of Labour and his mother was an educator. Vijay earned degrees from the London School of Economics and Southern Illinois University. He eventually discovered multi-level marketing and launched his own company which is now based in Hong Kong.

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