Marc Beer Bio

Marc Beer has almost twenty-five years of experience in commercialization and development in pharmaceutical services, diagnostics, devices, and biotechnology. In 2016, he co-founded Renovia together with Yolanda Lorie and Ramon Iglesias. They closed series A financing successfully with leading healthcare capital venture funds. In 2000 Beer became the Chief executive Officer of ViaCell. ViaCell is a biotechnology company that specializes in the development, collection and preservation of umbilical cord stem cells. In a period of seven years, Marc led ViaCell through a series of rapid growth and robust commercial organization. The company went public in 2005 and was acquired by PerkinElmer in 2007. At the time he was serving at ViaCell as CEO. He was also serving in the board of directors of Erytech Pharma as a member. This is a biopharmaceutical company that is publicly traded.


Before joining ViaCell, Marc Beer was the vice president of Genzyme. As the head of global marketing, he was responsible for launching commercial products that address rare diseases affecting a global population. Before joining Genzyme, he worked at Abbot Laboratories under the pharmaceutical and diagnostic division in various roles. He was also a member of Mass Life Science Board of Commonwealth of Massachusetts. He served on the Governing Board of the Biotechnology Industry Organization Emerging Companies Section. Marc was the founding Chairman of the compensation committee and chairman of the board of directors of Good Start Genetics. The company was acquired by InVitae recently. He is also a member of the Minerva neurosciences audit committee. Marc Beer serves on the Business Advisory Council of Miami University.


Rinovia has decided to move forward with new products that treat pelvic floor disorders. On Tuesday the company made a Series B round worth $32 million and a venture debt of $10 million. The company is now developing several therapeutic and diagnostic products for treating pelvic floor disorder. One of this disorder is urinary incontinence which is estimated to affect 250 million women in the whole world. In April, Leva, Renova’s first products received FDA approval. The Longwood Fund recently joined the Series B round. The investing firm had earlier invested in Renovia. The funds will assist in testing and developing four diagnostic and therapeutic products. This includes a new generation of Leva device.


Marc Beer recently said that Renovia is thrilled to have a group of healthcare investors who share in the vision of the company supporting it. The vision of the company is to treat, diagnose and improve lives of many women affected by pelvic floor disorders. Customers will be able to get valuable data with the proprietary and innovative sensor technologies. This will drive great understanding and knowledge of pelvic disorders, inform new treatment options and lower healthcare costs in the long term. Learn more:


GoBuyside’s Difference using Disruptive Technology

GoBuyside is a global recruitment platform that is based out of NYC, New York. A global recruitment platform is a platform that was developed to handle investment management for firms. The purpose of these platforms is to improve the recruiting process of specialized talents. This is an ongoing process as technology advances and tech becomes more incorporated with business and personal lives. As technology increases and generations change in focuses of industry there is a threat to the future growth as current talent is at a shortage, which is the view by many current executives. Due to the shortage more, CEO’s are having to spend extra time trying to find the talent that can actually fit their needs. When the talent is found, which is estimated at only five percent of the time, this can surely put the companies over their competitors.

Some industries have been slower on adopting new tech, one of them being the financial services and investment management industries. They have been classified and continually using vintage technology which is putting them behind the curve of other industries. With the millennial generation, it is seen more and more of “disrupting” current trends and being more innovative to change how the economy and the world works in general. The millennial generation is making some massive changes as they come of age to how industry and economy operate, which is throwing other generations for a loop of a massive learning curve on the innovation scale.

The gap mostly seems to be coming from the investment management recruiting process not changing, when executives and human resource professionals have. For most industries the recruiting process has remained unchanged. This would not be such an issue if new problems could be solved using traditional methods, but with complexity increasing, new solutions need to be found as well. GoBuyside is disrupting the traditional model and providing CEO’s and large industry executives with professionals that are worth investing in. They pay the necessary attention to the needs of not only the employer but also the needs of the soon to be employee by overcoming disruptive technologies.


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The Rise of Randal Nardone


Randal Nardone is a renowned investor and director in the United States of America. He studied at the University of Connecticut where he pursued bachelors of English and Biology in 1980 and also in Boston University School of Law. He is the co-founder, principal, and director of Fortress Investment Group. He also serves as the director of Euro Castle Investment Group.


He started the Fortress Investment Group in 1998, and he has been the Principal since then Chief Executive Officer since 2013. His contribution to the company has led to its growth, and due to their  excellent quality of services that they offer to their clients, people have appreciated everything that company does.Randal Nardone started off as a lawyer, and he had so much interest in the law field, but he later decided to shift his attention to the financial arena. He finally gained so much knowledge about finances, and that’s when he started the Fortress investment firm. The company has been termed as one of the best and notable investment firm that anybody in the USA can run into any day for their investments need. The employees of the company have appreciated the management terming it the best company some of them have ever worked for.

Randal Nardone served as the principal of BlackRock financial management Inc. He was also a managing director of UBS from the year 1997 to May of the following year. He has been the director of some very famous firms like the Springleaf Finance, Inc, from 2011, Florida East Coast Holding Corp and a non executive manager of Alea Group Holdings Bermuda Limited among others.During the purchased of Fortress Investment Group by SoftBank Group, Randal Nardone saw it as  a good idea because it would facilitate investments in things that are profitable and hence promote significant benefits to its clients.Been a qualified financial adviser, Randal Nardone, has been able to outline the main problems that are affecting investors in the commercial field and he has addressed them in every meeting that he attends and this has been appreciated by investors.


David McDonald lays a solid foundation for OSI Group with the hope of driving it into the future

David McDonald, the current COO, and president of OSI Group grew up in Lowa farms where he spent much of his childhood. His parents were small-scale farmers who did their best to put food on the table and afford their children a good life. Growing up in the rural settings made David McDonald to acquire a special interest in agriculture. David felt the urge to do something to transform the lives of small-scale farmers who face a lot of challenges.

In 1984, David McDonald enrolled for bachelor’s degree at Lowa University where he studied animal science. His specialization would enable him to land a job opportunity at OSI Group, one of the leading processors and distributors of value-added food products in the U.S.

David’s career history

David joined the Chicago-based meat processing firm in 1991 immediately after graduating from Lowa University. David started at the lowest rank in the company and gradually raised through the leadership ranks to become the COO and the President of the firm. David has greatly contributed to the growth of OSI industries.

OSI Group which was initially a family-owned business is currently the leading processor of value-added meat products. The company was founded more than a hundred years ago by a German immigrant known as Otto Kolchowsky. It has since grown to build processing facilities in more than seventeen countries.

David McDonald’s master plan to improve OSI Group’s sustainability

Upon joining OSI Group close to three decades ago, David has played a critical role in its expansion beyond the American border. Together with the company’s CEO, David has embarked on a mission to build mega processing plants around the world.

Currently, OSI Group is the leading supplier of poultry products in China with huge processing plants in Shandong Province. Recently, the company had to dig deep into its pockets when they set out to expand the Spain-based poultry processing plant. OSI Group increased the capacity of this plant by hundred percent.

According to David, OSI Group will continue to put up more processing facilities to meet the ever-increasing demand for food products. Besides, building new facilities will provide more employment opportunities, and it will also ensure that the company maintains the lead in the years to come.

Acquisition of Baho Food

Recently, David McDonald made a bold move by leading OSI Group into the acquisition of the Europe-based Baho Foods. The deal will enable OSI Group to step foot into Europe and also establish their presence in a market that remains untapped.

The Real News About The RealReal

Since 2011, the online app The RealReal has been taking the luxury fashion industry market by storm. Founded by Julie Wainwright, The RealReal is blowing past predicted numbers, being up 7.6% through 2018 and over 11% in 2017. It has even been reported that The RealReal is on track to have a resale value of around $41 billion by 2022. And how does a company start as an online app and work its way into becoming one of the top resale stores for higher end clothing? Forbes has reported that the secret behind The RealReal’s market technique is to become a trusted member to both the consigners and buyers. Today, The RealReal has two store locations across the country. One located in Los Angeles, CA and the other in SoHo, NY. Each store, as well as the website, provide consumers with the opportunity to shop for secondhand luxury clothing brands. Both the older generations and millennials adore the idea of taking the time to find those special deals. It adds a special charm to shopping for clothes that not all brands or stores are able to offer their customers. The other aspects that appeal to The RealReal shoppers is that it allows everyone to feel better about themselves when they can buy brands such as Gucci or Louis Vuitton without buying it at full price. You can even look at the online traffic for The RealReal and notice how successful the brand is becoming. In the first half of both 2017 and 2018, The RealREal has gained 600,000 visits on their site. In addition, The RealReal has about 50% of their visits from URL searches and 22% from online search engines. The consumers are highly invested in the idea of The RealReal and the fashion industry is as deeply invested as well.