GoBuyside’s Difference using Disruptive Technology

GoBuyside is a global recruitment platform that is based out of NYC, New York. A global recruitment platform is a platform that was developed to handle investment management for firms. The purpose of these platforms is to improve the recruiting process of specialized talents. This is an ongoing process as technology advances and tech becomes more incorporated with business and personal lives. As technology increases and generations change in focuses of industry there is a threat to the future growth as current talent is at a shortage, which is the view by many current executives. Due to the shortage more, CEO’s are having to spend extra time trying to find the talent that can actually fit their needs. When the talent is found, which is estimated at only five percent of the time, this can surely put the companies over their competitors.

Some industries have been slower on adopting new tech, one of them being the financial services and investment management industries. They have been classified and continually using vintage technology which is putting them behind the curve of other industries. With the millennial generation, it is seen more and more of “disrupting” current trends and being more innovative to change how the economy and the world works in general. The millennial generation is making some massive changes as they come of age to how industry and economy operate, which is throwing other generations for a loop of a massive learning curve on the innovation scale.

The gap mostly seems to be coming from the investment management recruiting process not changing, when executives and human resource professionals have. For most industries the recruiting process has remained unchanged. This would not be such an issue if new problems could be solved using traditional methods, but with complexity increasing, new solutions need to be found as well. GoBuyside is disrupting the traditional model and providing CEO’s and large industry executives with professionals that are worth investing in. They pay the necessary attention to the needs of not only the employer but also the needs of the soon to be employee by overcoming disruptive technologies.


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