A look into the legitimacy of Matt Badiali’s freedom checks

A look into the legitimacy of Matt Badiali’s checks

Matt Badiali, a senior editor at the research publishing firm called Bayan Hill recently came up with the checks. Matt Badiali is known for the advice he publishes on his weekly newsletter at Bayan hill to his clients about the best investment decisions to make when it comes to the natural resources sector. Despite the great following that he has, his Freedom checks have been met with a whole lot of controversy with most people claiming that they are not legitimate.

Definition of freedom checks

Freedom Checks are a mean of payment that public partnership companies give their shareholders. They are mean to cover the profits made by the shareholders in accordance with their share percentage and the profits that the company has made. They can be cashed at any bank or invested back into another business.

What is unique about the freedom Checks?

Freedom Checks cannot be used by regular companies to compensate their shareholders. They are only used by the small group of companies that are Masters Limited Partnerships. Masters Limited Companies are companies in the natural gas and oil industry. a while back, one of the presidents of the United States came up with the idea of exempting all investors in the natural gas and oil sector from taxation. These investors enjoy benefits of limited partnerships enjoy with this added advantage. It became a federal law that all the profits awarded to such shareholders would not have to pay tax on their profits unless they sell their shares, and then they will have to pay a small amount.

This was meant to attract many investors to these industries so that the country may produce as much natural gas and oil as possible to reduce reliance on outside nations.Up to now, the Masters Limited Partnership has been a well-kept secret by a few wise investors. Matt Badiali’s freedom checks were developed to become a means that these companies use to reward their investors. They can be either cashed at any bank accepted by the state or can be used to make other investments.

Doubling Chicken Production In Chicago For OSI Food Solutions

OSI Food Solutions is an internationally renowned food provider that has partnered with some of the biggest international leading food distributors over the years. The company produces and distributes several food products that are of the highest quality to major food distribution companies and they have branched out to the retail market as well. They provide out-sourcing abilities, the ability to produce and distribute specially designed food solutions around the globe to the masses.

OSI Food Solutions offers vendors of retail food brands to provide ready made options that bring enjoyment to consumers on an international scale. The company maintains service in over 50 different facilities located in 17 countries.

In 2016, the company was delighted to hear that there was a need to double their chicken production, which consists of chicken patties and nuggets that are promptly sold to fast food chains; and frozen items of the likes. With this change in production size, OSI Food Solutions will be able to meet the demanding requests of their customers’ in the chicken markets. With the new demand, OSI Food Solution acquired a Tyson Foods plant in Chicago, IL that was no longer in operation. OSI Food Solution has taken over the massive production of the prepared meals at the location. Hopefully, the company is able to distribute what Tyson food did at the same facility before their demise.

OSI Food Solution purchased the 200-000 sq. ft facility shortly after Tyson Foods announced the closing. The plant laid off more than 400 workers. The spokesperson for Tyson Food said that the company, OSI Food Solutions, purchased the facility for over $7 million. It has been made known that OSI does not reference in detail the plans for the facility, production, or to whom they distribute to. This makes knowing the full process a bit tricky, but OSI Food Solutions is currently using the facility for chicken production.

Why Fortress Investment Group is a top financial firm

Fortress Investment Group is a firm that has been known for its outstanding performance in the financial world. Those who have been following the investment sector may have come across this name because it has been hitting the headlines for excellent performance. Since it began in 1998, it has been expanding with the primary goal of ensuring all the investor get the best services that can make them make profits. The many years in the industry have opened a lot of opportunities for the company and today it has become a top investment firm in the area of mergers and acquisition. Those who have sought their services are aware of the excellent management services provided by the company. With the offices located in New York, Fortress Investment Group has been recognized as a leader in private equity. It has also created employment opportunities for the talented individuals.

Those interested in investing must know that a company must start from somewhere. For example, Fortress Investment started from a humble background and those who founded it had the vision to accomplish. Randal Nardone, Rob Kauffman, and Wes Edens are the top professionals who met and decided to start a firm because they felt that they had similar goals. They launched the venture which later exploded to become a global organization. The professionals are always happy to work with those who have built an excellent portfolio in the industry. That is why they welcomed Peter Briger in 2002 because they knew his experience would be an advantage to the organization.

Rob Kauffman retired from active business, and Peter Briger joined the other two the financial experts. He has been a reliable partner since he joined the Fortress Investment Group.Fortress Investment Group has been successful due to the collaboration of these leaders. They always work together when making decisions. Working together has contributed a lot to make the right choices. When it comes to delivering their services to their customers, the skilled leaders have been interactive with their clients. They are always transparent in their operations and ensure that customers know what is happening. Clients are free to monitor their investments because Fortress Investment is an open organization.

Getting Bigger All The Time: JD.com

In the advent of online retailing e-commerce platforms are the way to go. Being able to instantly connect customers with the things they want or need is the premier way to increase the customer base. This is true all around the world and especially in large countries like China. Now that country has joined the e-commerce bandwagon with a site known as Jingdong.com or JD.com for short. The company was founded in 1998 and over the next twenty years it has become China’s largest retailer. The company was founded by a man named Richard Liu.

At first, JD.com was a physical brick and mortar store. When he realized the potential of online commerce he closed the store and turned his attention to focus solely on online retail. This was the genesis of Jingdong.com. Richard continued to innovate the world of e-commerce when he turned his attention to a new platform. By creating this new platform he was able to make sure that every step in the ordering process was reviewed by his staff. Jingdong.com prides itself on giving the consumer a high-quality product when they want or need it. The marketplace platform was released to the public in 2010 and has made consumers happy ever since.

With the creation and success of the platform, JD.com was able to expand into other areas as well. The company was able to create a finance company and be one of the first Chinese companies to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange. JD.com has also partnered up with other companies to help get a foot in the door. One company is called San Miguel and it is a citrus retailer getting in the Chinese market. It will spread the word about the company all over Asia and Hong Kong. For the last twenty years, JD.com has set the standard in Chinese e-commerce and how to connect with customers. Making sure the customer is happy from the first step to the last step is what the company is all about. This is why Jingdong.com is a force to be reckoned with in the online world.

An Oversight Into Eric Lefkofsky’s Business Pursuits And Philanthropy

Eric Lefkofsky is an American entrepreneur who was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. He has co-founded several companies in the technology industry and has led a number of these firms as its chief executive officer or chairman of the board of directors. Among the tech companies he has created are Groupon, Echo Global Logistics, Lightbank, Uptake, and Mediaocean. His latest company is Tempus and his company is designed to assist doctors who treat cancer patients.After completing high school he went to the University of Michigan.He earned his bachelors degree at this university in 1991 and then attended its law school, graduating in 1994.

Right out of the gate he entered the technology sector and started to co-found different firms.At Tempus, which is privately held, Eric Lefkofsky has led a number of funding rounds including one in August 2018 that raised $110 million.He co-founded this company when he discovered that cancer doctors didn’t have access to precision medicine. His company provides these doctors with a machine learning platform that gives them actionable insights into their patient’s disease. The goal is to provide better patient outcomes than the success rate for treating cancer has been in the past.

Eric Lefkofsky is also a famous philanthropist. Along with his wife, he started the Lefofsky Family Foundation in 2006. They provide money to nonprofits engaged in education, the arts, human rights, and medical research. He is also one of Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago’s trustees. He also serves as a trustee for World Business Chicago, The Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, and the Art Institute of Chicago. He is also a skilled leader at the Steppenwolf Theatre Company of Chicago where he serves as the chairman of the board of trustees.

Marc Beer: Working Hard with Renovia

There are some exciting new developments in the field of medical technology. The article “Renovia Completes $42.3 Million Series B Financing” is a great example of some of the more encouraging steps forward that are being taken in research. Research in the medical community should be focused on problems that really matter. One problem that is growing with the female population is pelvic floor disorders. Renovia stepped up in 2016 to begin research on this growing issue. Pelvic floor disorders are distressing for women because they can lead to problems like incontinence. It is a growing problem that needs more research.


As previously stated Renovia opened its doors in 2016. While they are well-known for their desire for research they are also a manufacturing company. The things that they manufacture are devices that will work to alleviate incontinence and other symptoms of pelvic floor disorder. It is their hope that these devices will help increase the quality of life for their clientele. The company was started by Ramon Iglesias, Yolanda Lorie, and Marc Beer. Marc Beer has proven himself to be an exceptionally passionate number of the Renovia team when it comes to raising funds and leadership. He has proven himself to be a driving force behind the company.


The reason why Marc Beer has earned so much recognition with Renovia is that Renovia would not exist without his efforts. Marc Beer is one of the co-founders for Renovia but he also acts as a chairman and a CEO for the company. His actions directly led to the formation of the company. He raised the initial $42 million that was needed to help found the woman’s health business. He did not take no for an answer but continue to look for avenues to help fund his company. He believed in what they were pursuing. The development of these devices would change the quality of life for many women and he wanted to be a major part of that.


Marc Beer is a businessman who earned his bachelor’s degree from Miami University located in Ohio. This was a building block that he used to jump into the pharmaceutical and device development market. He was very interested in the sales and marketing aspects of this industry for many years. Eventually, Marc Beer became interested in device development. He believed that this device development would be a major shift in the quality of life for many patients. This was one of the reasons why he was so targeted towards the creation of Renovia. Of all the projects that Marc Beer has been a part of Renovia remains one of the most cherished. It has proven to be a labor of love for Marc Beer as he works to increase the quality of life for Renovia clientele. Learn more: https://renoviainc.com/leadership/


Guilherme Paulus embraces social responsibility

The true mark of a successful person is seen when he or she has created wealth. How one treats others after achieving success determines their true character. One person who understands the responsibilities that come with being successful is Guilherme Paulus, a Brazilian hotelier and a prominent businessman. He has built wealth from his activities in the tour industry. He co-founded a company known as CVC, the biggest tour company in Brazil. He sold part of the company to an American company known as Carlyle Group. In 2013, CVC joined the list of publicly traded companies. This business has an annual revenue collection of over $5 billion. Apart from owning the CVC, he is the founder and chairman of the GJP Hotels and Resorts.

Guilherme Paulus has not allowed his success to interfere with association with the community. He has tried as much as possible to support the community whenever necessary. He supports various needy cases across Brazil. His wish is to alleviate as many people from poverty. Apart from the thousands of people he has employed through his businesses, he contributes finances to different causes. His company supports disadvantaged children who would like to pursue a career in the tourism sector. He believes they should be given an opportunity to live like other children in the country. Multiple projects involve giving back to the community that he is currently supporting.

CVC has achieved success beyond Brazil. It is the largest tour company in Latin America. In addition, the company has partners from different sectors. There are airlines, hotels and other businesses which partner with CVC. His companies have also created job opportunities for many people locally and abroad. Guilherme Paulus has received recognition for the work he has done of making the company great. He has received various awards which recognize him for his outstanding contributions in the tour business. He has received recognition not only in Brazil but other countries such as France and the United States. Among the awards, Guilherme Paulus has received the Personality of the Year and the Entrepreneur of the Year, both from reputable organizations.