Doubling Chicken Production In Chicago For OSI Food Solutions

OSI Food Solutions is an internationally renowned food provider that has partnered with some of the biggest international leading food distributors over the years. The company produces and distributes several food products that are of the highest quality to major food distribution companies and they have branched out to the retail market as well. They provide out-sourcing abilities, the ability to produce and distribute specially designed food solutions around the globe to the masses.

OSI Food Solutions offers vendors of retail food brands to provide ready made options that bring enjoyment to consumers on an international scale. The company maintains service in over 50 different facilities located in 17 countries.

In 2016, the company was delighted to hear that there was a need to double their chicken production, which consists of chicken patties and nuggets that are promptly sold to fast food chains; and frozen items of the likes. With this change in production size, OSI Food Solutions will be able to meet the demanding requests of their customers’ in the chicken markets. With the new demand, OSI Food Solution acquired a Tyson Foods plant in Chicago, IL that was no longer in operation. OSI Food Solution has taken over the massive production of the prepared meals at the location. Hopefully, the company is able to distribute what Tyson food did at the same facility before their demise.

OSI Food Solution purchased the 200-000 sq. ft facility shortly after Tyson Foods announced the closing. The plant laid off more than 400 workers. The spokesperson for Tyson Food said that the company, OSI Food Solutions, purchased the facility for over $7 million. It has been made known that OSI does not reference in detail the plans for the facility, production, or to whom they distribute to. This makes knowing the full process a bit tricky, but OSI Food Solutions is currently using the facility for chicken production.

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