Organo Gold Is Making Its Mark On The Coffee Culture

The coffee culture can be defined in three distinct phases. The first phase began when Maxwell House and Folgers introduced their coffee products. It was the time of the old fashion coffee pots and was served after dinner or put in a thermos to be taken to work. The second phase started when coffee houses began springing up in New York City and the West Coast. Starbucks came on the scene towards the end of this phase. The last phase is more about the appreciation of coffee as a whole. This is where Organo Gold enters the game.

This last phase is about distributors and locally owned coffee shops. It is also about education and simply enjoying a good cup of coffee. People really care where their beans come from and want fair practices and sustainability. Organo Gold comes to the table not as a competitor to a small coffee shop, but as a complement to them. Their instant coffees allow coffee drinkers to buy products wholesale to stock the pantry at home, but also as a way of earning an income.

Organo Gold has not stopped at coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. Their products are known for their health benefits thanks to the use of a mushroom used in ancient Chinese medicine. They have expanded into health supplements and body products. Organo Gold is making their mark on the coffee culture because their products allow people to walk into their own kitchen and brew a great tasting coffee.


InnovaCare Incorporation Overview

InnovaCare Incorporation serves approximately 467000 members and is the leading managed healthcare service provider in North America. The company’s headquarters are located in Fort Lee. It operates among the most leading health plans in the Puerto Rico region through its subsidiary, MMM Healthcare, while providing a wide range of healthcare services in the mainland of the United States.

InnovaCare Health has been committed over the years to provide its members with the best quality healthcare services, and this has been made possible by the company’s creation of sustainable models of managed care that is well coordinated. The institution’s mission is to redefine healthcare management to be in a position to meet the challenges of the current complex healthcare environment.

In 2016, Richard Shinto introduced three additional leadership positions at InnovaCare Health. The posts included the Chief Actuarial Officer, Chief Administration Officer, and the Chief Accounting Officer. The Chief Actuarial Officer position was given to Jonathan Meyers who had previously been working for various companies in the actuarial department. Some of the place he worked for include: Medicare and Medicaid for Horizon BCBS, where he worked as the director of actuarial services, and the New York Healthcare Partners where he served as Chief Actuary.

The Chief Administrative Officer position was given to Penelope Kokkinides. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in biological sciences and classical languages from the University of Binghamton. Moreover, she holds a Master’s Degree in public health from the Columbia University of Public Health. In addition to her papers, she has over a decade’s experience in government healthcare programs such as Medicare and Medicaid.

She also held executive positions such as the Executive Vice President and COO for Centerlight Healthcare, COO of Touchstone Health, as well as the corporate vice president for Care Management and Disease Management at Americhoice where she helped to develop the company’s health model.

InnovaCare Health’s Chief Accounting Officer’s position was given to Mike Sortino who previously worked for Samsung Fire &Marine Insurance Company where he was the controller. Before working at Samsung, he served as the CFO of the HCC Specialty for over five years. Mike’s experience goes far beyond twenty years in the reinsurance as well as the insurance industries.

According to Richard Shinto, the three added executives have shown a high level of expertise and professional ethics and integrity, which is what InnovaCare Health has been in need of for the longest time.

CloudWick: Why Advanced Analytics Are So Important To Corporations

As today’s business world becomes more complex, corporations are always needing a new competitive edge. In recent years, this has involved the use of advanced analytics. Able to be used in a variety of areas concerning the operations of a business, analytics can mean the difference between success and failure regarding research and development, cyber security, and numerous other areas. As a result, companies often look to experts who have the ability to help them learn how to manage multiple data types. By working with CloudWick, companies around the world can store and analyze massive amounts of data into a central repository, making data analysis much easier and efficient.

Because more and more data is constantly being generated by businesses, knowing how to store it in a safe, secure, and efficient manner is becoming a much bigger problem than in years past. As a result, many traditional data management systems are no longer able to handle the volumes of data coming their way, which ultimately makes these systems very vulnerable to cyber attacks from hackers and other criminals. However, in working with CloudWick, companies can instead have a data lake management platform, allowing for the management and monitoring of data clusters, centralized data storage, and greater agility and flexibility in managing sophisticated and complex forms of data.

When creating a data lake platform, CloudWick uses a wide variety of highly-skilled IT personnel. From data scientists and software engineers to developers and programmers, CloudWick can rely on experienced and knowledgeable administrators and other personnel to create data management systems that are customized to the needs of each company. As a result, various areas of a company can be made much more efficient, including staffing, development operations, engineering, and managed services.

With the largest number of certified Spark developers, hundreds of certifications among its data scientists and engineers, and having access to the latest state-of-the-art technology, CloudWick is able to bring companies solutions to their most complex data management, storage, and security issues. In doing so, not only does this set the stage for success, but also for greater peace of mind.

How Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade Took Automobile Dealership and Manufacturing Company CAOA To New Heights

In 1979, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade founded CAOA which is currently the largest car dealership company in Brazil. He is a doctor, who came across a bankrupt car dealership and took the responsibility to revive the company. It took him just 6 years to make CAOA the largest importer of Ford cars in South America.

After Brazil raised the ban on import of foreign vehicles in ’92, CAOA managed to secure a deal with Renault cars and became the only dealership in the country to do so. The late 90’s were the most historic days of CAOA as they confirmed back to back partnership with Subaru and Hyundai cars in 1998 and 1999 respectively. The sales of Subaru tripled within a year and Hyundai cars became the largest number of imported cars in the country, especially the Tucson Model.

They have been steadily growing ever since and approximately a decade after securing deals with Subaru and Hyundai, in 2006, they became the largest importer and seller of cars of the mentioned brands in Brazil. Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade magnificently took the country from scratches to an automobile market leader. He had a long time wish to construct a car manufacturing plant and so he delved into the car manufacturing business along with the existing dealership segment.

Finally, in 2007, CAOA inaugurated the first car manufacturing plant in collaboration with Hyundai. The plant is called the Hyundai CAOA Automobile Plant which is a whopping $600 million company situated in the Annapolis district of Goias. The dream of Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade was finally fulfilled and soon after he was the recipient of the “Entrepreneur of the Year In Industry” award presented by the IstoE Dinheiro Magazine. The company has been receiving various awards and accolades in the last few years.

Another major achievement of Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade includes the award for the “Best Distributor of the Year” presented by Hyundai itself. It is the first time a non-European country received this prestigious award. Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade is known for his amazing business acumen and implementation of unique business strategies which is the absolute reason for CAOA’s success in Brazil.

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