David McDonald lays a solid foundation for OSI Group with the hope of driving it into the future

David McDonald, the current COO, and president of OSI Group grew up in Lowa farms where he spent much of his childhood. His parents were small-scale farmers who did their best to put food on the table and afford their children a good life. Growing up in the rural settings made David McDonald to acquire a special interest in agriculture. David felt the urge to do something to transform the lives of small-scale farmers who face a lot of challenges.

In 1984, David McDonald enrolled for bachelor’s degree at Lowa University where he studied animal science. His specialization would enable him to land a job opportunity at OSI Group, one of the leading processors and distributors of value-added food products in the U.S.

David’s career history

David joined the Chicago-based meat processing firm in 1991 immediately after graduating from Lowa University. David started at the lowest rank in the company and gradually raised through the leadership ranks to become the COO and the President of the firm. David has greatly contributed to the growth of OSI industries.

OSI Group which was initially a family-owned business is currently the leading processor of value-added meat products. The company was founded more than a hundred years ago by a German immigrant known as Otto Kolchowsky. It has since grown to build processing facilities in more than seventeen countries.

David McDonald’s master plan to improve OSI Group’s sustainability

Upon joining OSI Group close to three decades ago, David has played a critical role in its expansion beyond the American border. Together with the company’s CEO, David has embarked on a mission to build mega processing plants around the world.

Currently, OSI Group is the leading supplier of poultry products in China with huge processing plants in Shandong Province. Recently, the company had to dig deep into its pockets when they set out to expand the Spain-based poultry processing plant. OSI Group increased the capacity of this plant by hundred percent.

According to David, OSI Group will continue to put up more processing facilities to meet the ever-increasing demand for food products. Besides, building new facilities will provide more employment opportunities, and it will also ensure that the company maintains the lead in the years to come.

Acquisition of Baho Food

Recently, David McDonald made a bold move by leading OSI Group into the acquisition of the Europe-based Baho Foods. The deal will enable OSI Group to step foot into Europe and also establish their presence in a market that remains untapped.

Vijay Eswaran Preaches The Importance Of Taking Risk

Vijay Eswaran preaches the importance of taking risk very early in a working career. Most who enter the workforce after school are comfortable with making conservative decisions about the future. It is normal to play it safe and look for a secure job that will bring in money right away. However, the job market is frequently changing. Technology affects every aspect of business. This changes the requirements of personnel on a daily basis.

Vijay Eswaran understands that people who are new to the workforce need to gain experience in that field. However, he believes that anyone can gain experience and contribute to the industry by creating jobs at the same time. Job Seekers have the ability to be versatile and find the right situation. A major decisions is whether to work for a startup establishment or a large corporate organization. It takes careful study in order to find the right dynamic. The employee and employer are both looking for the perfect match.

Startup companies have advantages that large corporations do not and vice versa. New job seekers must evaluate each situation. For example, a startup company is growing very quickly. It is customary for someone to come in and fill a position that has a great deal of responsibility. A smaller company will allow its executives more freedom and expect them to be very hands-on with each task. There is very little room for delegating because the operation is not big enough. The culture of a large organization will be very different. There will be set of policies in place and the job responsibilities will be very specific.

It is essential for new crafts-people and executives to buy into the vision of a small organization if they decide to go in that direction. Vijay explains that this fast-paced climate provides the opportunity to have a strong impact on a team because of the rapid growth rate.

Vijay Eswaran is the Chairman of QI Group. He is a Malaysian businessman who came from a working-class environment. His father was a member of the Ministry of Labour and his mother was an educator. Vijay earned degrees from the London School of Economics and Southern Illinois University. He eventually discovered multi-level marketing and launched his own company which is now based in Hong Kong.

Find  out more about Vijay Eswaran: https://www.qbuzz.qnet.net/blog/2011/06/27/vijay-eswaran-in-forbes-philanthropy-heroes-list/

Kerrisdale Capital Management Continues To Grow Thanks To Founder Sahm Adrangi

These days, Sahm Adrangi is a prominent businessman that has been working in the financial industry for more than a decade. Sahm went to Yale University in 1999 and was able to earn his degree in four years. Once he was finished with his studies, Sahm Adrangi earned a position at Deutsche Bank as an Analyst in 2004. In this position, Sahm was responsible for dealing with debt and financing for bonds.

Afte Sahm left his first position at Deutsche, he decided to take a position at an investment banking company known as Chanin Capital Partners in New York. Over the years, Sahm continued working for different financial companies, building up his knowledge and technical skills along the way. It was in 2009 that Sahm Adrangi was finally able to put all his hard work and experience to good use and helped found an investment company known as Kerrisdale Capital Mangement.

Headquartered in New York, Kerrisdale Capital is a leading investment firm today thanks to the efforts of various talented professionals and Sahm. Not only did Sahm help found the company, but he is the Chief Investment Officer as well, the same position he has held for more than nine years now. Kerrisdale Capital and Sahm Adrangi have made a name for themselves for doing research and publishing their findings on various companies and investment opportunities to give other investors out there a heads up on good or bad opportunities that are out there. This research goes a long way in stopping scams and fraudulent companies looking to take money from investors.

Sahm was able to boost his reputation back in 2010 when he ended up exposing various Chinese companies that were doing fraudulent activities, including China-Biotics and Lihua International. Through Sahm Adrangi’s actions, the Securities and Exchange Commission did an investigation of these companies for their activities. Ever since graduating from college, Sahm has been going non-stop to push his career forward and he has done so successfully so far. As Kerrisdale Capital continues to grow, Sahm will continue to release information to make investing easier and safer for investors out there.