MB2 Dental Helps You Run Your Day-To-Day Dental Practice Operations

Most dentists have tried to run their dental practice and at the same time provide services to their clients, but this business model brings with it a lot of challenges. Running your dental practice is a tall order. You will be required to serve in almost every role at the clinic. You will be the accountant, at the same time the human resource manager and at the same time the director of operations. Isn’t all that daunting?

Dentists have discovered a way through this challenge. Such challenges require strategic partnerships with other service providers to achieve a common goal. An example of a reliable partner in setting up your dental practice is the team at MB2 Dental.

MB2 Dental is a company that focuses on separating the daily business operations such accounting and human resource from your dental practice. The firm worries about all your day-to-day activities while you as the dentist focuses on the core part of your business which is giving service to customers.

The firm is the brainchild of Dr. Stephen Chris Villanueva. He experienced the challenges that are associated with dental practice firsthand and decided to provide a solution to fellow dentists. The company focuses on providing solutions that support a business so that dentists can only worry about their clients and research.

MB2 Dental is an all-in-one business to business company that provides the following services to dentists:

Human Resource Management

Dentists cannot work in isolation; they require support staff such as secretaries, personal assistants, and lab technicians. MB2 Dental ensures that these employees are managed properly for the smooth running of your dental practice.

The firm also helps dentists identify and recruit supporting staff who will contribute to moving the dental practice forward, providing them with necessary tools and training that ensures they work efficiently.

Marketing Services

Without marketing, no one would know that you have your dental practice. MB2 Solutions will help create ads on different platforms so that you can attract the much-needed clientele to the practice.

Procurement Services

Dentists require specialized pharmaceuticals and non-pharmaceuticals to help them run their practice. More often than not they do not have the time to go and look for the best of these items that are in the market. With a vast network of manufacturers, MB2 Solutions can provide dentists with all the tools they need for their work.

Accounting Services

MB2 Solutions handles bookkeeping and filing of returns for dentists.