The Real News About The RealReal

Since 2011, the online app The RealReal has been taking the luxury fashion industry market by storm. Founded by Julie Wainwright, The RealReal is blowing past predicted numbers, being up 7.6% through 2018 and over 11% in 2017. It has even been reported that The RealReal is on track to have a resale value of around $41 billion by 2022. And how does a company start as an online app and work its way into becoming one of the top resale stores for higher end clothing? Forbes has reported that the secret behind The RealReal’s market technique is to become a trusted member to both the consigners and buyers. Today, The RealReal has two store locations across the country. One located in Los Angeles, CA and the other in SoHo, NY. Each store, as well as the website, provide consumers with the opportunity to shop for secondhand luxury clothing brands. Both the older generations and millennials adore the idea of taking the time to find those special deals. It adds a special charm to shopping for clothes that not all brands or stores are able to offer their customers. The other aspects that appeal to The RealReal shoppers is that it allows everyone to feel better about themselves when they can buy brands such as Gucci or Louis Vuitton without buying it at full price. You can even look at the online traffic for The RealReal and notice how successful the brand is becoming. In the first half of both 2017 and 2018, The RealREal has gained 600,000 visits on their site. In addition, The RealReal has about 50% of their visits from URL searches and 22% from online search engines. The consumers are highly invested in the idea of The RealReal and the fashion industry is as deeply invested as well.