Mikhail Blagosklonny and the discovery of a New Rejuvenation Drug

Mikhail Blagosklonny, an MD Ph.D. Professor at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Oncology has been working on anti-aging drugs in recent years after discovering them through his Cancer research. It seems the search for the cure to Cancer has been more successful than previously imagined. Having worked in cancer cell cycles, the discovery came about quite easily and very unexpectedly. Here are the details of the discovery.

Rapamycin is the drug that was discovered to have anti-aging properties that can be used for this goal. It allows the cell degeneration to be slowed down and in turn, also slow the destruction of the skin cells. This is the rejuvenating factor of the drug. Blagosklonny had found a goldmine.

For years scientists have tried to discover the magical connection between the structures in cell rejuvenation and aging. It is an amazing discovery that Blagosklonny made by connecting the two and creating a drug that helps not only slow the development of cancer cells but for the aging of the body as well.

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Blagosklonny had always had the drive to discover new things in experimental medicine. It had been a field that fascinated him for years. There was no shortage of opportunities in the field to explore. The only question that remained for him was what had been overlooked, or understood in a way that was different from the original intention.

Mikhail Blagosklonny began in experimental medicine, specifically in the area of anti-cancer drugs. He trained at the First Pavlov State Medical University of St. Petersburg before working as an Associate Professor of Medicine in New York. In 2009, he was hired as the senior scientist at Ordway. Then, after that, his studies in radioactive rays and chemotherapy in comparison to aging, and the development of cancer cells led to his breakthrough. What caught his attention the most was the cell cycle and how it interacted with the body. This interest has been used to discover the drug Rapamycin that has now made him famous in scientific research groups.

After his breakthrough, his findings were published in the American Journal of Pathology in 2010. Since then, he has published over 170 researched articles on the subject. Centered primarily on the growth of tumors in lab animals, his work was able to decipher the fine balance between the two correlations of cell growth, tumors and how they all affect the rejuvenation of the body. He had found a way to slow aging in the physical sense. Visit ResearchGate.Net to learn more about Mikhail’s latest work.

The future of anti-cancer drugs has yet to be discovered. One can only imagine what types of things that can come from those discoveries. Blagosklonny will certainly continue to explore and find even more anti-cancer drugs like Rapamycin. In the meantime, the discovery is one that will help those that want to stop the growth of cancer cells and help further the rejuvenation process that is now becoming more widely available to people everywhere. While it is exciting, there is still progress to explore to ensure that this drug is safe for use over time.

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