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They say a picture is worth a thousand words, you can get just that and even more from George Street Photo and Video as they are the go to talent for engagement and wedding photos that will truly capture the moment or you can relive it all with a professional video shoot! Even review sites like The Knot recognize these award-winning pros as the best you can get for any couple in New York City. They’ve recently been featured on The Huffington Post, BRIDES, and The Daily Meal for their ability to keep all customers satisfied with the results with an overall positive experience.

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The History of Brian Bonar’s Climb to the Top

Currently the CEO of Trucept, Brian Bonar has excelled in finances for over three decades. He has amassed an astounding amount of knowledge since he first began and used this to lead companies to their pinnacle.

His career in finance started when he earned his degree from the University of Strathclyde. He then earned his graduate degree as well as a doctorate from Stafford University. Between late 1992 and early 1994, Mr. Bonar performed as the Director of Technology Sales. He earned several promotions as a result of his work ethic and desire to climb the ranks of the financial field.

In April of 1994, Mr. Bonar became the Vice President of Dalrada’s Sales and Marketing team. Shortly after, he became the Executive Vice President. He was then the Director of the company until 1997. He then became President and COO. In 1998, he took over the position of CEO, followed by becoming named the Chairman of the Board in 1999.

He has not been limited to simply working for Dalrada, however. In addition to his CEO position, Mr. Bonar is also the Chairman of Trucept. He has held this position since 2010. He has also moved up ranks of Amanda Co., Inc. He started as the Secretary, moved up to Treasurer, became the CFO, and is currently the acting CEO. He has also worked for Allegiant Professional Business Services, Rastek, QMS, Greenland Corp., and The Solvis Group.

Success of Bellamy Restaurant

Mr. Bonar’s success has not been limited to the financial world. He is also the owner of the restaurant Bellamy. This French restaurant features a French atmosphere. He wanted his restaurant to be unique among the masses of restaurants in the region.

The restaurant is highly recommended in the San Diego area as a result. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

Part of his success has been due to his chef, Patrick Ponsaty. This world-renowned chef is a native of France. He has a rare ability to make delicious French food that is highly demanded in the area.

According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar’s success with Bellamy is not due to his management at the restaurant. He gave Mr. Ponsaty full control of the day-to-day operations, allowing the chef to run the restaurant in his own ways.

As a result of this action, Brian Bonar has shared in Patrick Ponsaty’s success by simply stepping away from the everyday management. With his management of several restaurants, Mr. Bonar understands what it takes to make a restaurant successful.

Brian Bonar understands that there are very few differences between average restaurants and high-quality restaurants. With the same desire he has in the business world, he has built a collection of high-quality restaurants. He does not settle for second best, and his history of success shows this desire to be the best at whatever he does.

What Happened When Emily Tried WEN Cleansing Conditioner

If you’ve seen the commercials or Facebook ads about WEN cleansing Conditioner and have had your doubts, then read on to find out what happened to Emily McClure when she used WEN Cleansing Conditioner for a week as originally published by Bustle.

On day one, Emily has frizzy and unruly hair to begin with, but after using Wen hair Cleansing Conditioner, she found that her hair felt not only thicker, but was more manageable and shiny. On day two, Emily felt that her roots were greasier and she didn’t have time to shower. But after showering after in the day, her hair was once again voluminous and shiny.

On day three, her hair looked great once again after showering and using her usual styling products. On day four, Emily’s hair was frizzy and greasy, as she didn’t have time to shower. On day five, Emily had a great hair day after showering and styling as usual. On day six, her friends even noticed that her hair was looking much shinier. On day seven, after doing her routine of showering and styling, her hair was once again looking great, although her curls tended to fall more easily.

Overall, WEN Cleansing Conditioner is great products that will make your hair feel more manageable, but you do need to wash it regularly.

WEN cleansing Conditioner was developed by Chaz Dean, a well-known stylist that is passionate about hair. Chaz Dean has a clientele list that includes celebrities and he is very humble, although he is very successful. His eBay sold WEN products are giving people all over the world the opportunity to get the hair that they have always wanted. Chaz Dean styles hair for award and fashion shows and is always working on new “miracle” products to help pope get the hair they want.

MB2 Dental Helps You Run Your Day-To-Day Dental Practice Operations

Most dentists have tried to run their dental practice and at the same time provide services to their clients, but this business model brings with it a lot of challenges. Running your dental practice is a tall order. You will be required to serve in almost every role at the clinic. You will be the accountant, at the same time the human resource manager and at the same time the director of operations. Isn’t all that daunting?

Dentists have discovered a way through this challenge. Such challenges require strategic partnerships with other service providers to achieve a common goal. An example of a reliable partner in setting up your dental practice is the team at MB2 Dental.

MB2 Dental is a company that focuses on separating the daily business operations such accounting and human resource from your dental practice. The firm worries about all your day-to-day activities while you as the dentist focuses on the core part of your business which is giving service to customers.

The firm is the brainchild of Dr. Stephen Chris Villanueva. He experienced the challenges that are associated with dental practice firsthand and decided to provide a solution to fellow dentists. The company focuses on providing solutions that support a business so that dentists can only worry about their clients and research.

MB2 Dental is an all-in-one business to business company that provides the following services to dentists:

Human Resource Management

Dentists cannot work in isolation; they require support staff such as secretaries, personal assistants, and lab technicians. MB2 Dental ensures that these employees are managed properly for the smooth running of your dental practice.

The firm also helps dentists identify and recruit supporting staff who will contribute to moving the dental practice forward, providing them with necessary tools and training that ensures they work efficiently.

Marketing Services

Without marketing, no one would know that you have your dental practice. MB2 Solutions will help create ads on different platforms so that you can attract the much-needed clientele to the practice.

Procurement Services

Dentists require specialized pharmaceuticals and non-pharmaceuticals to help them run their practice. More often than not they do not have the time to go and look for the best of these items that are in the market. With a vast network of manufacturers, MB2 Solutions can provide dentists with all the tools they need for their work.

Accounting Services

MB2 Solutions handles bookkeeping and filing of returns for dentists.


Encouraged to Buy Online

In a February 2016 PR Newswire article entitled U.S. Money Reserve Encourages Visitors To Explore Its New Website And E-Commerce Coin Catalogue, it appears the US Money Reserve is at it once again, working swiftly and diligently to provide the best in transaction experiences for its numerous customers.

It now promises to offer increased services and quality online through, and the innovative site makes numerous new possibilities available for seasoned buyers and sellers of precious metals or even for those who are new to the industry.

Expert information and advice, as well as free introductory kits, are available online through the site’s Knowledge Center. Many officials note that this new attempt to further inform the general public of the importance of owning precious metals – and especially from the official government source of the US Money Reserve itself – has only increased in success and views since its launch, offering greater promises of growth and future consumer satisfaction and awareness on the matter. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

Philip Diehl and Ryan Buchanan Speak on the New Progress of the Site, the System, the Precious Metals Business and Much More to Come

Philip N. Diehl, current Reserve President, recently expressed his gratitude and overwhelmingly positive emotion at the onset of this new program; he likewise entails the wondrous success potential that it carries for all in the business of precious metals, giving the site his fullest blessing in turn and asking everyoneto visit online.

Ryan Buchanan, current Vice President, fully agreed and backed up Mr. Diehl’s statements with a few remarks. The two have been hard at work since, especially regarding the PR and active promotion of the wide-scale program and its many divisions as well as each leader’s outlook on the future continued success of the system and of the company’s possible gains.

Both top executives see bright plans for the future, and they claim that this new addition is but a step forward in the right direction.

They themselves could not keep track of the numerous benefits and services that the site offers but note that they are far more than the US Money Reserve has ever had. With a new Client Connect Advantage, its own Full Headline Gold News Room and a buy-back guarantee, the system delivers.

Anthony Petrello’s Commitment To The Fight Against Neurological Diseases In Children

Anthony Petrello and his wife, Cynthia, were both at the height of their careers when their daughter, Carena Francesca was born in 1997. As an infant, Carena was suffering from periventricular leukomalacia (PVL), a condition that brought complications to her heart and sight. Doctors at Houston Women’s Hospital did their best to save Carena’s heart and sight, but she ended up developing another condition, cerebral palsy.

The Petrellos’ experience with their daughter changed their perception of life. Anthony, a mathematician by training, set out to research on how neurological diseases in children could be treated. To his shock, he found out that not only were doctors naïve about the diseases, but they were also not researching about them. Anthony Petrello was ready to support any institution that was willing to explore the causes of neurological diseases in children. In 2006, he donated $7 million to Texas Children’s Hospital for their dedication to the research.

Follow Tony Petrello on Twitter.

The Petrellos and the Duncans

In their quest for finding a solution to neurological diseases in children, the Petrellos met the then chairman of Enterprise Products, Dan Duncan. Dan, together with his wife, Jan, had a philanthropic history in Houston. The two families collaborated to donate hundreds of millions of dollars to cancer and neurological research institutions. Among the beneficiaries of these donations is the Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute.

Work and Education History

Anthony G. Petrello, President of Nabors Industries, is an Italian-American lawyer and businessman. He studied law at Harvard University and Mathematics from recognized Yale University. Tony has worked with Nabors since 1991 where he has served as COO, vice chairman, chairman, president, and CEO.

Word from Tony’s College Roomie

According to Lloyd Grove, Tony’s college roommate, Tony’s intelligence started when still in college. Lloyd described Tony as a mathematics genius with a good sense of humor, who could even joke about his family background. He revealed that Tony had joined college under public-school scholarship.

The Lung Institute : The Leading Provider in Lung Disease Treatments

Lung disease can play a huge role in how you feel day to day and what you can physically do. In some cases, you have to limit your activities due to restricted breathing. This can leave you with chronic fatigue and malaise. It can be debilitating if not treated right. Traditional treatments only treat the symptoms and in the meantime allow the disease to progress.

Stem cell therapy, on the other hand, can actually treat the source of the symptoms and stop the disease from doing further damage to the lungs delicate tissues. Stem cells are renewable cells meaning they can become any type of cell you need them to. For example, if you were to place stem cells in the lungs, it will replicate the healthy cells and heal the lungs by replacing the damaged cells.

There are many sources to obtain stem cells from. The Lung Institute uses the autologous method which means the stem cells will come from the patient’s own body. This is the ideal method since it eliminates the risk of the stem cells being rejected, unlike other forms it’s derived from. The Lung Institute collects the stem cells ( flowing freely in the bloodstream or those that reside in the bone marrow. Both forms of stem cell harvesting are safe and minimally invasive. The stem cells will then have to go through a filtration process the separate them from other cells and fluids in the collection process and to concentrate them. The concentrated dose will then be injected back into the bloodstream and will make their way to your lungs.

The Lung Institute suggests that you plan to stay in town near one of the many treatment facilities because it will take an average of 3 days to complete your treatment. There are treatment centers located in Tampa, Dallas, Scottsdale, Pittsburgh, and Nashville. All locations provide stem cell therapy and all staff members are highly qualified and have years of experience treating and assisting patients with various lung diseases and conditions. To find out if stem cell therapy is right for you, you can schedule a free consultation. Visit the website, today.

To read more about stem cell treatment, please visit

Lung Institute Facebook:

Securus Technologies Rules the Marketplace

Securus Technologies has been in business since 1991 and is a leading communications provider for correctional institutions, safety organizations, and law enforcement facilities. They currently serve over 2,200 corrections facilities and over 1,200,000 inmates and their families.


Securus has several plans available with multiple payment choices such as phone services with direct pay, collect call capability, debit accounts, and prepaid calls. Jail voicemail and the popular video communications are big hits. Email and money transfer are available as well.


In recent months, GTL, a competitor has made the outlandish and untrue statement about their competitiveness with Securus stating that their prices and servicing capabilities are superior to those of Securus. Securus has proven publically that this is just not true.


Consequently, Securus has offered a challenge to GTL to lay out the pricing and services of each company publicly and to have the results judged by an independent party. There was silence from GTL for a while, and they then politely declined to participate in the challenge.


Securus has come to be known as the company with whom to work when it comes to the quality and the service that is expected from the public. People need to know what to expect, and when quality and service are the ultimate goals of a company, it tends to happen in a positive manner. Former customers of GTL had stated that they are certainly happier with Securus than before when they were using GTL.


The members of the Securus award-winning call center say that inmates and families are commenting all the time about how pleased they are with the service that is provided in liking each other together very quickly and easily. That is the hallmark of quality, and Securus takes that very seriously.



Misery Loves Company…Except It’s Own

There are some people that like to bring misery to people. One of the goals is to get other people miserable. However, often times, once the person becomes miserable, the person who made that person miserable will try to move away from him. Also, the new miserable person will find himself being avoided by others as well, including those that he once had a closer relationship with. There are some people who are just never satisfied with anything and they just want to gripe about problems. This is often when people find themselves dealing with bad reports when it comes to negativity.

Online reputation is definitely vulnerable to negativity. Therefore, it is important for each individual to manage his own reputation by not getting too involved into negativity. A lot of the focus should be placed on finding some other positive work to do so that the business will continue to attract customers. The worst thing to do is to go to war with the negative individual. This will actually scare customers and audiences away from the business. Therefore, it is important to find some other method that is more positive when it comes to handling online reputation.

It is important to present a positive image to the audience so that they will trust the brand. As a result, when any negativity comes, it will have a smaller effect on the company. Also, with online reputation management comes SEO. As one continues to provide optimized content, he will not only reputation for his company throughout the search engines, but he will also manage to bring forth enough authority to the company that many bad reviews will not see the light of day on the search engines.